Safety is top of mind to any foreigner in the Caribbean.

The truth is that most crime is concentrated in urban areas, and most prevalent amongst the locals. This is true throughout the Caribbean.

Still, some countries are more dangerous than others. The most dangerous countries in the Caribbean are: Jamaica, St. Kitts, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad Tobago.  The most dangerous countries in Central America are: Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador.

See “understanding the Caribbean” to compare crime levels in the Caribbean and Central America.

In the Dominican, foreigners and locals mingle in pubs, bars and restaurants without incident. 5 Million tourists visit per year, and you rarely hear of incidents.

Pick a residence with 24x7 security guards, with guards working in tandem. Many residences have impeccable track-records of safety, with no incidents of burglary or violence.


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