Moving to the Caribbean, or buying a property, is a major decision.  It's a dream come true for many people. But you may be over-whelmed by all the things you must consider:

state planning; foreign laws; domestic laws; tax implications; immigration status; protecting your assets; getting a good deal

We are Canadians that have gone through this process. We can advise you of all the pitfalls, so that you make the right choices, and end up with your dream come true, instead a nightmare of bad choices.

One strategy you can seriously consider:

1) Use the equity in your home to buy a second home in the Caribbean.
2) Stay in the home whenever you want, for free, saving on expensive vacation packages, and rent it out when you're not there. The professional residence management will take care of everything for you.
3) The house will be paid off with vacation rental income in 5-7 years, and then you own the house outright.
4) You can still rent out the unit after that, and make pure profit off of your investment.

The Dominican Republic receives over 5 million tourists a year, and flights arrive every day from Canada, USA and Europe. You can expect high occupancy rates, even 90-100% at $150-$300 per day.

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